SMELLIT: Now you can smell your favorite film

Some of you might remember a scene from Don’t Mess With The Zohan where Adam Sandler puts his foot in a mean guy’s face and says “Smell it! Smell it!! Smell it!!! Now take it, it’s for you”.

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to advertise the SMELLIT, a device that allows the viewer to smell what he or she is watching. Yes, it is about time someone gave us a third sense when we watch TV or movies, so no more just seeing and hearing what you watch. Now you can: “Smell it! Smell it!! Smell it!!!”

So how does this olfactory stimulator work? You need to insert cartridges into the SMELLIT device, and it will sync with your DVD and Blu-ray player so the proper odors are distributed ten to twenty seconds before the actual smell scene so the viewer can whiff it at the proper time.

These smell cartridges have some smell gel that vaporizes to create this effect, and the SMELLIT can load up to 118 cartridges. The SMELLIT has a fan so the smell is evenly distributed throughout the room.

So, is this the beginning of films that will be experienced by scent? Do you really want that? I mean, do you want to smell the scene from Dumb and Dumber where David Lloyd is on the toilet? That might make you toss your popcorn.

Let me know via comment what films you would like to watch with the SMELLIT, and how we can incorporate the other two senses of touch and taste in our viewing experience. As far as I know, the SMELLIT is only a concept.


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