smartsSome of you may remember when we reported on the IDVault, a device that kept all your passwords in one convenient USB thumb drive. I believe the creators of that particular device wanted to insure that user personal data was kept safe, so that he or she would not have to worry about entering a password.

It is also an extra level of security. In an age where everything is on the Net, someone could easily obtain our information with nothing more than a few passwords and numbers. The SmartSwipe was invented to insure that our credit card numbers would be safe.

The SmartSwipe is a credit card reader that plugs right into the USB drive, and makes you look like a retail cashier. However, it is designed for those who shop online and will encrypt the credit card data before transmitting it to the computer. This is different than most online security programs, that only protect information on the way to the Internet.

So not only can users feel safe about their online purchases and other credit-card related business, but they have an easier way of entering information rather than typing in their credit card number and expiration date.

Of course, you have to wonder if the $99.95 pricetag makes this device worth it. You must be making several credit-card purchases a day in order to justify this purchase. Then again, if you can afford to live like that, then you could easily work the SmartSwipe into your budget.