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Smartstrip is first outdoor-rated LED strip that is individually addressable

smartstripIlumi is a name that many of us are familiar with — in fact, they do happen to deal a whole lot with outdoor lighting, and one particular example in which we have seen so far is the BR30 Outdoor Light. Surely there is more than meets the eye when it comes to outdoor lighting, don’t you think so? This is where ilumi’s latest product intends to make a difference in everyone’s lives, in the form of the Smartstrip. The Smartstrip has been touted to be the industry’s very first outdoor-rated individually addressable LED strip that comes complete with Bluetooth mesh connectivity.

This new collection of app-controlled, outdoor-rated and colorful LED light strips are definitely one of a kind, where the Mark Cuban-backed and Shark Tank-funded ilumi’s Smartstrip is yet another Kickstarter project. The Smartstrip will do its job in furthering the ilumi mission to assist consumers achieve better living through better lighting.

The ilumi Smartstrip will incorporate a wide range of industry firsts, where among them would include Bluetooth Mesh wireless connectivity, outdoor-rated materials, and uniquely bright digitally addressable RGB+W LEDs. This is a special combination that allows the Smartstrip to be the most flexible and functional lighting strip available on the market today. It will be enabled via ilumi’s free iOS and Android app, allowing the Smartstrip to be controlled from smartphones and tablets up to a range of 150 feet away — all sans the need for a hub. This is perfect for it to survive in the outdoors via tough weather conditions, and illuminate any and all colors within the spectrum from bright functional whites to rich hues.

The Smartstrip’s digitally addressable nature allows each LED to be controlled and change color independently of any other, resulting in dynamic effects and patterns that add interest and atmosphere to homes, bars, venues, and workspaces, among others. Not only that, the ilumi Smartstrip will also make use of a novel and patent pending RGB+W digital LED strip design created by ilumi that overcomes the brightness limitations of white light experienced by competing digitally addressable LED strips. It sports an adhesive backing and is IP65-rated, and with MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh connectivity, it is a snap to setup with the ability to support up to 50 ilumi connected devices.

Expect it to be made available for $59 a pop, and it will retail for $89 when available fully in December later this year.

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