The Smartphone ECG- You Knew it was Coming

Okay, so it used to be that smartphone healthcare applications were simply novelty items that were fun to play around with but served no place in mainstream medicine, but didn’t we suspect that someday your phone or tablet might actually help physicians to save lives and reduce the cost of care? 
Welcome Everist Genomics, a relatively new, but fast growing medical technologies company, that has just successfully integrated smartphone and tablet computer technology with truly innovative and finally, medically valuable diagnostics in the areas of cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, (like diabetes) and even cancer.  So meet Everist Genomics’ CardioDefender. The CardioDefender is the world’s first FDA-approved  smartphone ECG (electrocardiogram) system that can actually provide physicians and patients with hospital-quality heart rhythm monitoring all done OUTSIDE of the hospital setting.  
The brand new CardioDefender utilizes many unique capabilities that let doctors diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmias that might otherwise be missed.  CardioDefender is the first system to deliver mobile, real-time, beat-by-beat, and quantitative heart monitoring and automated reporting, by combining patented analytical smartphone software with its new Wi-Fi device and electrodes. “Honey, will you get the door? I’m having a cardiogram right now.”
The Defender works by utilizing a sensor bracelet that pretty much looks like a digital watch, the sensor then collects data and shoots it over to your smartphone, which analyzes it then stores it. If you in fact you do have a problem, you will receive an instant alert, but luckily, the data can also be sent to straight to your doctor. Which of course I would require, since the minute my smartphone told me I was having some kind of heart episode, I would certainly follow it up with a heart attack.
CardioDefender has already been deployed at more than 150 medical facilities in the United States for post-approval commercial evaluation and will be made available to physicians all over the world this year.