Smartphone Controlled Air Conditioner – one less remote to worry about

Smartphone Controlled Air Conditioner

We have become such an automated society, so much so that anything which requires more effort is shun or frowned upon. Want to turn off the lights in the room? Just clap your hands, or snap your fingers. Want to wake up to the perfect brew of coffee each morning? The automated coffee machine will make sure that the job gets done. How about adjusting the temperature on your air conditioner? Not a problem, since that can be achieved using a remote control, but why bother about yet another remote control when you have the option to use your smartphone to get the job done?

The $299.95 Smartphone Controlled Air Conditioner is a smart air conditioner which will make use of your location, schedule, as well as monthly budget in order to automatically maintain the ideal temperature. This window air conditioner will hook up sans wires to a smartphone, with a free app running on it, relying on the handset’s built-in GPS capability to turn the air conditioner down whenever you leave and up before you arrive home after a gruelling day at work. The app itself will let you set a monthly budget, and it will fall back on real time local energy prices, your schedule, and future weather forecasts in order to suggest a comfortable, cost-effective indoor climate. The app will also enable you to manually select cooling levels, change the fan speed, set specific times to turn on and off, and it displays the current indoor temperature.