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Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer tells you when your meal is ready

smartphone-bbq-thermometerSummer is about to arrive for those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, and when summer arrives, you know for sure that there will be cookouts and barbecues. Barbecues are the perfect place for you to socialize and catch up with old friends, although folks should always remember that the barbecuer would also need to relax from time to time, otherwise he or she would be too frazzled at the end of the evening to enjoy even a single bite. Grill and BBQ thermometers have been around for some time, but this $79.95 Smartphone Alerting Barbecue Thermometer is something else.

After all, this thermometer will be able to wirelessly send alerts to a smartphone or a tablet. It will be different from your typical thermometers that require personal inspection, as this model’s wireless transmitter sends real-time data to an iPhone/iPad or Android app, as long as said device falls within a 160′ radius, where it will then alert you when a pre-selected temperature is reached, or should your barbecue fall within the optimal cooking range. There are two 36″-long probes that provide readings from up to 572° F, which will allow an at home chef to cook two types of meat simultaneously, whether on the grill or in an oven. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, this is something worth checking out for summer cook outs.