SmartKeyboard concept gives your iPhone a touchable keyboard

It seems that touchscreens are here to stay, and I’m certain that touchscreen keyboards will be our future. I’m guessing that the next generation or two will be fully used to touchscreen keyboards with no haptic feedback.
Until then, you can use this SmartKeyboard for your iPhone. This is a concept designed by Jing Yang of the eico Motion Lab in China.
You can see it in action on the video after the jump, and how it sticks onto the bottom of the iPhone. The user now has what they wanted in an iPhone: buttons. Why, it’s practically a BlackBerry.
It would appear that this thing plugs into the 30 pin connector at the base of the iPhone. This would explain how it can do LED lighting, as seen in the video.
The SmartKeyboard is probably inspired by the Smart Covers for the iPad 2. I believe that the SmartKeyboard concept can even work as a stand for your iPhone, at least in portrait mode. Maybe the iPhone5 will have magnets.
If nothing else, this SmartKeyboard can add a bit of color to your iPhone world as it comes in a rainbow of them. Too bad these things are not available now, as I am certain there are a lot of iPhone users who really want them.


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