SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse defies gravity

Don’t get any funny ideas that the SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse is capable of floating while it is here on earth without any strings attached (literally) to the ceiling, but rather, it has been dubbed as a “gravity-defying travel mouse” because it can adapt to the motion of your hand movements. This is possible thanks to a patented comfort-pivot technology, where the Whirl Mini will become a natural extension of your arm to provide you with the feeling that your hand is floating in mid-air even when you work, resulting in the “most comfortable, healthy computing experience imaginable”. We do hope they’re right for their sakes, as the conventional method always had the mouse plastered to a surface, with it looking (and feeling) good ergonomically whenever you hold it in your hand. Featuring an ambidextrous design, 800-dpi hi-def laser sensitivity, 2.4MHz wireless connectivity and extra long battery life, you can choose from Carbon Fiber, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, and White colors for $49.95 a pop.

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