SmartFinder works great for forgetful types

smart-finder.jpgA study by Harpers Index showed that the average amount of time that a person spends looking for a misplaced things over the the course of a lifetime is one year. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time – spending it with loved and close ones, or going around evangelizing to other people how the SmartFinder has helped you save some precious time which cannot be bought, even if you were the richest man in the whole world. There is nothing quite like the joy of stumbling upon a long lost item, or even locating something which you have been frantically trying to find for the past 3 hours. The SmartFinder device is here to eliminate those heart-dropping moments when you sink your hand into your pocket only to discover that your cellphone or house keys are missing.

The SmartFinder is a device that enables you to locate lost or misplaced items quickly. It comes with four color-coded receivers that can be attached to various everyday items like keys, wallets, purses, cellphones, handheld consoles, handbags, TV remotes, and virtually anything else you can think of. The remote control transmitter is capable of sending a radio signal through obstacles such as walls and floors, activating the 85 decibel alarm on the receiver within a 25 meter radius. It even features a low battery warning for you to be better prepared.

One question though – what happens when I lose my SmartFinder? Do I need to tag my SmartFinder to another SmartFinder then? This is pretty much a recursive question with only one gospel truth that we forgetful types need to remember for the rest of our lives, which is “Never ever, ever lose the SmartFinder”. Other than that, you could say that this gadget comes in pretty handy for anyone and it retails for £29.95 a pop.