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The Smart Rope – there’s always time to jump some rope

Smart Rope

When was the last time you jumped rope? Don’t remember? That’s what I thought. So many of the things we did when we were little which kept us active and were fun too are not really things we do anymore. Most of the time we just outgrew the toys and never got ones that would fit the adult versions of us. Jumping rope doesn’t seem nearly as exciting now, but what if it was super cool and jam-packed with high-tech stuff so you feel like you’re doing something extra important?

The Smart Rope is exactly what I described, and yes, it is going to cost you more than $5. This has 23 high-quality LEDs built into the center of the rope, so that every time you jump it’ll show you what number of jumps you’re on all the way up to 9999 regardless of whether it’s a bright day or dark night. You’ll also be able to see calories burned, training data and more as software updates roll out. There are two sets of ball bearings in each handle so every motion is fluid and effortless.

This does need some recharging, but can go for 36 hours of active use, which will likely translate to a month or more if this is your main method of working out on the regular. You’ll be able to get this in color options of chrome, gold, or black, and can get soft silicone grips in orange, blue, green, pink, or neutral to protect it from your sweaty palms. I doubt it’s a surprise, but there’s also a mobile app to go with this to track your progress and pit yourself against friends who also purchase Smart Ropes. This is an $89 purchase that is available in sizes XS to XL, but the soft grip will cost you $10 extra.

Available for purchase on tangramfactory

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