Smart PJs – Pajamas that Tell a Story


Kids grow up so fast. I’ve been astounded lately at just how quickly my little girl has become too grown up for all kinds of kid-stuff. We can’t watch Dora anymore, or Little Bear, she’s moved on, and even enjoys a little non-fiction entertainment now and again, and of course her beloved Cake Boss. What could get her interested in a good cuddle and a bedtime story?

Check it out! Designed to be the worlds first interactive Pajamas, Smart PJs are average looking, cozy bed clothes comprised of a top and bottom and made from 100% cotton.These unisex jammies look normal enough, but normal they’re not. Smart PJs are covered in green and blue “dot groups”, that can be scanned with a smartphone, and will tell over 45 different bedtime stories.

Simply download one of the free associated apps, scan a chosen dot group with your phone, and sit back and enjoy a story, pictures, and fun facts via your smart device. How fun is that? Smart PJs is an innovative company with the distinction of creating the worlds first, and only, interactive Pajamas. They realized just how much kids like bedtime stories, and how much parents like a comfy, quality pair of pajamas and voila! we now have Smart PJs.

I wonder where else readable code will find itself? I’m actually a bit surprised it hasn’t already found its way onto much more clothing. Anyway, if you can see your kiddo in Smart PJs this fall, you can have a pair for only around 30 bucks, from our friends at, in sizes fitting most children from 1 to 10, with either pink or blue detailing. Just make sure you scan only one set of dots at a time… I’m not responsible for what kind of a story you might get if you scan too many at once.