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Smart Pet Doorbell

If you don’t have the time to accompany your pet and make sure it gets to go outside (or come in) according to your timing, then the Smart Pet Doorbell could help you out.

The new PetSafe Smart Pet Doorbell is the first collar-activated doorbell that easily mounts on a wall, door or glass to help you control the indoor and outdoor access of your dog or cat. There are no mats or buttons to push, so minimal training is required if the doorbell is installed at the same door your pet uses most frequently. Your pet wears a small, lightweight SmartKey tag that attaches to their everyday pet collar and communicates with the Smart Pet Doorbell. The tag only weighs 0.64 ounces. Using radio frequency, when your pet’s SmartKey is within range of the Smart Pet Doorbell, an audible, volume-controlled alert with 4 volume settings, sounds to let you know your pet is waiting to go outside or come inside. The sensing range is adjustable up to 3 feet from the unit, which can be installed with or without the external antenna.

Hmm, I’m not too sure about this device since we’re supposed to let our dog know who the pack leader is, and it should not be able to come in and go out as it pleases. Still, if you want to bring home the Smart Pet Doorbell, it can be yours for $89.99.

1 thought on “Smart Pet Doorbell”

  1. Yes, the old fashion way is a good approach, but I think this would be a great thing for senior citizens, or anyone that gets so busy with kids, work at home, etc., and simply forget they let their pet out. My house is quite large and if I walk upstairs, and start another project, I may forget and I won’t hear my dogs because they simply don’t bark..I know, lol, I should get a real dog, but the truth is I inherited these small dogs and they are my responsibility. I think it’s a great product idea.

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