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Smart meters could help you save power

ge-power.jpgBoth American Electric Power and General Electric’s GE Energy have teamed up to develop an advanced electricity “smart” meter that was specially designed to help consumers reduce their energy costs. This new technology is expected to assist customers in gaging just how much electricity costs at different times of the day, allowing them to better budget how many devices they leave turned on during peak hours to save more at the end of the month. There are plans to release these new meters to 200,000 customers before next year is over, but they’ll need the regulators’ approval first. Definitely a great move to help reduce global warming and unnecessary power wastage.

Source: ZDNet

1 thought on “Smart meters could help you save power”

  1. Just pure BS from GE! If you own a home, invest on getting off the grid and make a push for new of updated nuclear power.

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