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Eight Smart Mattress launched to provide a better night’s sleep

eight-smart-mattressThere is nothing quite like getting a good night’s rest, especially after you had gone through a gruelling day at work or at home, or both. In fact, it has been said that you might have purchased the most expensive mattress in the world, but that might not be able to provide you with a single bit of shuteye. If you have more or less tried just about every remedy possible in order to obtain a good night’s sleep without wanting to resort to pharmaceutical assistance, Eight might just have the solution for you. Eight has just announced the availability of its Smart Mattress that claims to be able to provide its occupants with a better night’s sleep.

 This Smart Mattress is meant to replace traditional mattresses with an alternative which assists customers obtain a better sleep experience via higher comfort and technology. The Eight Smart Mattress has been specially designed with a quartet of layers of responsive and high density foam, in addition to a technology layer which can keep track of sleep, warm each side of the bed individually, as well as hook up to other smart home devices. The asking price for an Eight Smart Mattress starts at $950 a pop — not the cheapest mattress in the world, but it is still certainly better than nothing.

The Eight Smart Mattress will boast of features that are able to improve the sleep experience, such as automatic temperature control for each side of the bed, in addition to connectivity with other smart home devices such as thermostats, lights and coffee machines. The mattress’ many sensors will be able to track sleep times, deep and light sleep, breathing rate, and measure toss and turns, bed temperature, and room temperature. Given enough time, the Eight Smart Mattress will rely on machine learning in order to build patterns on sleep behaviors, while informing you with suggestions for sleep improvement via its mobile app. All of this data can also be shared with other health tracking apps like Apple’s Health and Google’s Fit.

Expect the Eight Smart Mattress to arrive in Full, Queen, King and California King sizes, and it will come with a 100-night trial and free returns.

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