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Smart High Heel Shoe boasts of an e-Ink display

volvoriiNot all displays are created equal, this is for sure, and for those who are keen to check out just how much more fashionable clothing can be with the advent of technology, you would most probably be keen to see these Volvorii shoes become reality. Right now, it happens to be an Indiegogo campaign, where it is a shoe that boasts of an e-Ink display alongside a Bluetooth module. The reason behind these implementations on a piece of footwear is this – one will be able to alter the way the shoe looks in terms of its external pattern with but a single press of a button.

Imagine hooking up your shoes to a smartphone that has a compatible app running on it, where you will then make your choice of available patterns in order to match whatever you happen to wear that day. While color panels are out of the question at this point in time, leaving us with just black and white choices, it ain’t too shabby, either. After all, it is not as though the entire shoe is covered in an e-Ink display, but just partially. The Volvorii shoes will come with a pair of fasteners (one in front, the other in back) so that you can bring the level of customization even further. A $249 pledge accompanied by a December delivery date are what you can look forward to if it is realized.