Smart Fridge knows how much food is in the fridge, and can make a recipe for it

For those of you who can’t figure out what to make for dinner might really like this smart fridge designed by Ashley Legg.

This smart fridge knows what is in your refrigerator, and it can figure out from the food within what recipe you can make. It will then display this recipe on a touchscreen panel mounted in the door.

Of course, you will have to enter in the ingredients with the touchscreen panel. Yes, entering in the ingredients sounds like a very tedious thing to do, and my source says the same thing.

My source also suggested a bar code scanner for entering in your food items. I suppose that would be the fastest way, but I have another way that would save some more time.

You see, my wife likes to send me a grocery shopping list via text, and I usually get everything on it. If I were to come home and just wirelessly upload the list to the fridge, that would work.

Also, I noticed that this touchscreen panel for entering in the food items is inside the door. Uh, this entering in of the groceries could take a while, and it isn’t good to leave the door open for too long.


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