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Smart Fish’s Conceptual one-man plane

Design_28_1_600x345-thumb-550x258-32659Now where have I seen this new concept plane from Smart Fish before? Oh yes, the very first Spy Kids movie!

Remember the scene when Carmen and Juni steal this special plane from their uncle Machete in order to rescue their parents at Floop’s castle? The plane even has the same type of bulky jet engine on the front.

Perhaps the designers at Smart Fish liked the idea of a small plane with this aerodynamic shape that can serve as a one-man flyer. I really hope that Disney does not bring a lawsuit against Smart Fish. That could hinder Smart Fish’s plans to license the tech to the aerospace industry. Smart Fish also wants to do wind tunnel testing as well as an actual flying scale model. If this jet ever does get made, it is planned to have a large range of 3100 miles and fast speed of Mach 0.85.

Hopefully they will have solved the problem of landing gear. I can see how a wheel could be retracted in each of the wings, but I don’t see how a front wheel could be retracted with that bulky engine there. In other words, good luck trying to do three-point landings with this guy.

So, are we looking at a Jetsons-like future where the skies will be full of these one-man aircrafts? Man, I hope so. I mean, if you can’t give me a flying car, then at least give me this.


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  1. If Mark R, the author, is interested in a flying car he may wish to look towards Davis, California and the Moeller Skycar 400.

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