Smart Eggs

Smart Eggs
I have mixed opinions about this new product. On one hand it’s a really neat example of just what science is capable these days, however on the other hand it’s terribly, terribly sad that such a product is even necessary. The Smart Egg takes all guess work out of cooking an egg so all you need to do is watch it to know when it’s done.

The eggs have specially designed ink drawings which are instantly displayed as soon as the egg reaches the desired temperature. You can even get three different kinds of eggs which have different temperatures which they display their images at so you can decide how you want to boil your eggs when you buy them at the store.

Although it’s a very interesting idea, it is really sad how helpless we humans can be. However if you feel you can spend your time better on other things than wondering when your eggs will be done, then the Smart Egg is for you!

Found via Oh Gizmo