Smart AC Automotive Power Strip makes life easier on the road

smartacWomen might say that they will never be able to have enough handbags and shoes (generally speaking), while men might never get enough of their power tools and hardware toys, and kids with their video games, but I am quite sure that something most of us will be able to agree on would be this – you can never have enough power outlets around, considering the rather large number of gadgets that we carry around with us these days. Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, smart watches, the list goes on and on, and Thinkgeek intends to help you out with the $34.99 Smart AC Automotive Power Strip.

The Smart AC Automotive Power Strip will be able to juice up just about all things, where this inverter plugs into your cigarette lighter socket. It will come with a couple of USB power ports and two AC outlets, and fret not about it melting down or catching fire, since the safety features which have been thrown into the mix include over-voltage, overload, short-circuit, high-temperature protection, and low voltage shut-off. The whole family should be more than happy with this bad boy, since you can juice smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, DVD players, game consoles, and digital cameras among others while you are on the go.