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SMALT is a smart salt dispenser

smaltIn this day and age, there are smart homes, smartphones, and even smart cars, so what happens when the world of technology collides with an everyday item in the kitchen or dining table? Why, you end up with Herb & Body’s SMALT, of course. SMALT is touted to be the first interactive centerpiece and smart salt dispenser in the world, where it has been specially designed to enhance the dining experience.

 Who would have thought that something as ordinary as a salt dispenser will end up getting some “brains” to truly make the 21st century a very special one? Sporting a stylish design, it has integrated mood-lighting that will help set the tone for the meal, as well as sport a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can play back the music of your choice. SMALT is capable of setting the perfect ambiance regardless of where you are, where it dispenses measured amounts of salt either manually or through “shake,” “pinch” or “pour” gestures. These gestures will work in tandem with the free companion app that is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Apart from that, users are able to dispense salt through Amazon Alexa integration, which makes this the ideal tool for folks who need to watch their diet through the monitoring of salt consumption. Being an Indiegogo campaign, SMALT will retail for $99 apiece as a limited early bird special, which is a 50% discount off the regular retail price.

Bipan Singh, founder, Herb and Body shared, “One of the most basic human needs is the need for belongingness. For centuries, one of the ways we have fulfilled this need is by gathering around the dinner table, a place where we connect, appreciate and feel appreciated. SMALT is our effort to further enhance this experience – all with the important benefit of watching your salt intake.”

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