SM-28 Skymaster monitors weather, alerts of storms

Those that enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors have on many occasions probably found themselves far away from their vehicle.  In those cases if a storm hits, you’re just left to try to make your way out of the storm in any way possible.  Sometimes those conditions can be less than safe.  With watching the weather forecast or even going online and finding your town, it’s still just a general forecast.  With this Skymaster, you’d be warned ahead of time and the information would be specific to your location.

I’ve been caught in storms before when online it shows my area as cloudless without a drop of rain.  It’d be nice to have something that pulls information from exactly where you’re standing.  The Skymaster will measure the windspeed (current, avg and max), temperature with windchill, relative humidity with dewpoint, barometric pressure and altitude.  It also has an audio storm alarm.  To make it more outdoor friendly it is water resistant up to 4” and will float when dropped in the water.  Don’t worry, your hand’s heat and moisture won’t mess up any of the readings either.  You can purchase the device for $188.

Source: TechChee