SLP2 Survival Tool

SLP2 Survival Tool

Here’s a very handy gadget to have around if you’re camping or plan to be stranded in the middle of the forest for some reason. This survival multi-tool features not only a very powerful blade, but a couple of other neat features which are not commonly seen on these kinds of gadgets.

First of all the blade is a top quality, Swedish designed blade. Half of the blade is even, while the other half is serrated so you don’t need to have one tool for sawing action and another tool for cutting action.

On the back of the blade is probably the most amazing thing about the tool. When the included fire starter is rubbed along the back side of the blade, it produces are large shower of sparks to light a fire even in wet conditions.

SLP2 Survival Tool Fire Starter

It would be incredibly easy to start a fire this way considering the sparks created reach 3,000°C! I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to have your fingers on the wrong side of that! With the sparks you can easily light stoves, barbeques and even start your own fire from dry grass or bark. The fire starter is also good for up to 3000 strikes so you’ll probably never need to replace it.

Also included is a powerful flashlight so you can have light no matter where you are. They run on 4 tiny button cell batteries so you don’t have any big batteries taking up room. It’s also completely water proof so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet. As well there is an emergency whistle built into the bottom of the tool just in case.