Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone

Living life in the fast lane is more often than not what most of us envision these days. After all, we were brought up with the kind of thinking that things need to get done fast and in an accurate manner, leaving no room for mistakes and the weak to thrive. Having said that, whenever we get older, life does indeed slow down – a whole lot more for some than others. The pace of technology might continue at a breakneck speed, but some of us prefer a slower paced life, and I guess this is where the $169.95 Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone comes in handy.

The Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone happens to be a regular telephone but with its fair share of features – it boasts of an integrated answering machine that will play back messages slowly so that the listener can catch every single word spoken. All calls as well as messages will remain loud and clear, courtesy of the telephone’s powerful amplifier which will be able to increase the call and message volume up to 50 dB, while adjusting the tone for optimal clarity. Whenever you press the Slow button, it will decrease the speed of messages by up to 50%, and there are also bright visual ring lights on the base and handset to inform you of incoming calls, a talking caller ID and call-waiting functions. Sounds like something your grandparents might like to have, no?