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Slip Watch makes life easier

Every single time you want to check your watch to read the time, you have to twist your arm around just to read it.  Thankfully someone has finally had the common sense to create a watch that you don’t have to be a contortionist to read.  Sure, you could always turn your arm to read the time, but this is so much easier.

Of course, the watch looks a little silly with the face slightly angled, but it keeps things interesting.  The Slip Watch doesn’t exactly have numbers printed on it, so until you get used to the lack of labeling it might still take a few extra seconds to read the watch.  After that though you’ll have the ability to be much more lazy about reading the time.  Sadly this doesn’t appear to be a purchasable item.  It seems to be purely a concept by the NonLinear Studio.

Source: FashionablyGeek

1 thought on “Slip Watch makes life easier”

  1. Not the first with a twisted face. A few years ago there was a digital watch with the face twisted like this one for motorcyclists and sports enthusiasts. I think Armatron made it or aanother of the cheaper watch makers.

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