Slingbox SlingCatcher unveiled

Slingbox has just released yet another device for the living room, and this time round, this is a universal media player that will deliver broadcast TV, Internet video and personal content to the TV seamlessly. Fact of the matter is this – the SlingCatcher could eventually end up to be one of the more flexible Internet video devices released in recent memory. Slingbox did go as far as to describe the SlingCatcher being able to stream video from network TV sites such as, videon content sites like and, and community video sites such as With a whole lot of videos for you to view, it makes me wonder whether you will have the time to watch all of them or not, or will it be relegated to certain dusty sectors of your hard drive in due time, ever waiting for “tomorrow” before it is viewed.

One of the most striking features about the SlingCatcher is its ability to hook up to video rental store Netflix, letting you stream movies straight onto your TV as though you were a subscriber to the service, but being the end user, you won’t be able to see anything that happens on the back end as long as the front end segment works fine and dandy, eh? Each SlingCatcher will come with a remote control that enables access and control of virtually any device hooked up to the SlingBox. some of these compatible devices include a DVR, Cable or Satellite set-top box. The good news is this – you don’t have to place the connected device in the same room, as it will work in a different room, another house or even from a remote location. With the addition of a USB port, you can connect a USB hard drive or flash drive to playback video media stored, including home videos, downloaded movies and other content. Native file format support consists of WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and XviD, but you can add it extra format support for AVI, VOB, IFO, MPG, MOV and WMA.

Slingbox’s SlingCatcher will retail for $300 and works with both standard definition and high definition outputs. You getting one?

Source: TG Daily

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