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Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker does not cram your style

slimmest-under-pillow-speakerI have a friend who finds it extremely difficult unless there is some sort of noise in the background, where the kind of steady ticking of a clock, or perhaps the hum of a fan, would be able to help him settle his restlessness, otherwise he would just toss and turn all night long. Having said that, others prefer the tunes of a soothing melody to lull them into dreamland, and if you think that you fall into this particular category, it might bode you well to give the $49.95 Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker a try.

As its name suggests, the Slimmest Under Pillow Speaker will measure all of just 0.5” in terms of thickness, where this particular under-pillow system will play back soothing sounds in order to allow the sandman to pay a visit. It is so slim, it more or less remains imperceptible under your head. Being different from earphones or earbuds which can end up being uncomfortable to wear as you sleep, this particular soporific system has been specially padded for comfort and textured to remain in place. It has a couple of lightweight yet powerful full-range speakers so that it can play clear audio that is audible, even through a thick pillow, and the presence of a tethered controller will clip it to a pillowcase to enable easy adjustment of volume and other functions. It also has preloaded relaxing nature sounds that range from a gentle rain shower to a bubbling stream and blowing leaves; although you can always opt to download additional track sif you get bored with the existing ones. It has a selectable sleep timer that will gradually reduce the volume and shuts off after 60 minutes.