The Slim Data USB Card fits neatly in your wallet


USB drives are getting smaller and smaller, which means everyone has ways of making sure their USB drive stays with them.  Be it wearing it as jewelry or even just keeping it on a keychain.  Well this one would make it a lot easier to just carry the drive in your wallet.  The Slim Data USB Card after all claims to be ultra slim, so thin that it’s only about as thick as a business card.

It only comes in three different colors, smoke, blue and red.  The blue or red would be much easier to spot when they’re among other business cards though.  The smoke is so gray that it might be more obnoxious to pick out of the bunch.  Each one is 4GB, giving you a fairly decent amount of storage on such a small drive.  Since it claims to be the slimmest out there, it’d be difficult for the guys to find a more convenient drive to carry around.  Plus it’s even at an affordable price, it’ll cost you $24.99 from Top Tech Products.

Source: TechFresh