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Slendertone hopes to help you in the battle of the bulge

slendertone-absYou know, life can get pretty challenging once you have gone past a certain age. It is as though your body is unable to keep up with you any longer. Case in point, the battle of the bulge around the waist, and for some of us, this would also extend to our thighs and the arms. Apparently, our food intake has reached a point where the once mighty metabolic rate has petered out, resulting in us piling on the pounds. If you are one of those who would like to have some assistance from a technological point of view when it comes to shedding your weight, perhaps it would be good to check out just what Slendertone offers during your exercise routines right after the jump.

The new Slendertone Connect Abs was recently unveiled earlier this month at CES 2016, where this is touted to be the very first smart toning ab belt of its kind that will be able to actively engage and tone core muscles. Just how does it go about its task? Well, the Slendertone Connect Abs delivers clinically proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology thanks to an interactive mobile app and online experience in order to help men and women tone, firm and strengthen their core muscles.

It will merge the power of Slendertone’s FDA approved abdominal strengthening system and the personalization of smartphones and tablets, allowing the Slendertone Connect Abs to revolutionize the concept of muscle toning. Slendertone Connect Abs is also virtual trainer controlled thanks to an iOS app that hooks up via Bluetooth Smart technology, where it offers five goal-driven programs, namely Essential Toning, Upcoming Event, Post-Natal, Fitness and Advanced Toning, and all of these offer customized user feedback, tracking, motivation and content. Users can use the app and online portal to create their own profile, set goals and monitor daily progress in real time.

Definitely something that is worth checking out if you would like a little bit of help on the side to lose weight, right?

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