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Sleev will protect your wires by shrink-wrapping them

Sleev Our charging cables are very important to us. They let precious electricity flow into our smartphones, letting us continue mindlessly staring open-mouthed at social media and mobile game for hours on end. Of course, our phones don’t have the longest lifespan ever, so most of the time we have to take our cables with us to plug into a computer, backup battery, or wall outlet. The constant winding, unwinding, and being stuffed into bags is going to put strain on the integrity of the cable over time. If this story is known to you all too well, then you’ve likely gone through a cable or two by accident. There’s a good chance you’re currently using a cable that is ripped, wrinkled, and has to sit at a certain angle to charge your device. If you’d prefer to keep your cable pristine for longer, then the Sleev may be able to help. This is a little tube that will cover the joints of your cable, saving them from an early grave.

To use these little cable sleeves which have a very inventive name, place it over the cable you want to keep safe and use a lighter or other poignant heat source to shrink the casing. You will certainly want to make sure that you’re not heating one point for too long lest you want to destroy your cable before regular use has a chance to. It should be obvious, but directly after heating don’t touch the Sleev, and leave the cable and casing to cool so it will harden. This is extremely inexpensive, costing $4 for a pair, or $20 for 7 pairs.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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    We’re the Sleev team and would love to thank you for the support and kind words. The $20 reward has actually been updated to include 8 pairs instead of 7, as a result of us reaching our full funding goal!

    The Sleev Team

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