Sleepy Bunny lets your new pup sleep

If you happen to have rescued a puppy from the local shelter, or one of your friends decided that a litter of 8 labradors are too much to handle, hence giving away some of them, then you might want to enlist the help of the £15.99 Sleepy Bunny. Why so? Puppies might find separation anxiety of be an issue, of course, and when they’re removed from their litter and their mom, it can be quite hard to sleep – and when puppy whines at night, no one else gets their fair share of rest as well.
The Sleepy Bunny intends to provide a sense of security to puppy, where it is not powered by carrots but a couple of AA batteries. The Puppy Pulse inside will simulate a heartbeat that calms and reassures the latest addition to your family, making them doze off to puppy dreamland, chasing balls and having unlimited treats in the process, before waking up the next morning to a pleasant greeting and plenty of love from the family.