SleepPhones lets you sleep in peace

We are a sleep deprived society – most of us are dead tired by the time we arrive back home from work, and we want to do nothing better than to put our feet up, and start to unwind. Music would definitely help the situation, and the folks over at Firebox think that they have a unique and innovative solution in the form of the £34.99 SleepPhones. Dreams would never be the same again, as you get to enjoy the relaxing tunes of your choice without missing a beat.

The SleepPhones would come in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes to fit just about any head, including Pinky and the Brain. Made out of soft and comfortable fleece, it comes with quality integrated headphones to deliver sweet audio to your ears, while doubling up as a handy sweatband. Not only that, it will also help do its bit to drown out snoring and other annoying noise so that you can clock up the mandatory 8 hours of sleep, waking up refreshed like never before the next morning.