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The Sleep Yoga Dual Position Neck Pillow – Namaszzzz


Getting comfortable when you lay down is always a battle. You’ll toss around going from your left side to right side, back, stomach, and then trying various flailing of your arms and legs to find your perfect cozy spot. If you struggle with finding that oh-so-perfect position where your body will finally relax, then you probably need to look into getting a better mattress, mattress topper, or a new pillow.

If the latter peaked your interest, then the Sleep Yoga Dual Position Neck Pillow is something you might want to read up on. This pillow pictured above was made specifically for back and side sleepers, and was developed by a chiropractor. The angles and contours should help you sleep better, but could even assist your daily posture when standing and sitting because of it.

There are medium soft and medium firm options, the former being better suited for ages 6-13 while the latter is meant for adults. Either option is going to cost you around $55 before shipping. The inside of this pillow is not memory foam like many options out there seem to have nowadays, rather a synthetic fill. There are a variety of other pillows by this brand as well that are for side sleepers who need an armrest, leg pillows, and more. If you really want a fancy pillow, you could always spend a little bit more and get a purple pillow that’s made of spongy polymer.

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