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Sleep Promoting Nursery Soft Light aids your little one to enter snoozeland

sleep-promoting-soft-lightParents – whether new or not, would know that it can be quite a challenge to get your little ones to sleep at night. If there happens to be at least two children in the room with a relatively close age gap, then you can expect them to take a good half hour at the very least even after the lights are turned off of messing around with one another before calling it a night. However, there are some children – whether in a group or alone, who fear of going to bed in pitch black darkness, requiring some sort of night light to be in the vicinity. How about killing two birds with one stone with the $39.95 Sleep Promoting Nursery Soft Light?

The Sleep Promoting Nursery Soft Light happens to be a LED light that casts a soft warm glow in the vicinity, allowing it to convince an infant’s circadian cycle that it is still time to sleep. The Harvard Sleep Clinic has proven that biologically corrected light contributes to a good night’s sleep, and this light will be different from conventional light bulbs as it casts 270 lumens of soft white light at a 40-watt equivalency – which translates to a 25,000-hour lifespan. The soft glow delivers the added benefit of enabling parents to perform feeding and changing tasks without disrupting their own circadian cycles.