Sleep Phones – Count Sheep to your Favorite Tunes


I’m up till all hours of the night. I feel more productive at night and it’s just the way I’ve always been. That being said, my husband goes to sleep early and gets up early, I use headphones so I don’t disturb him (and so I can hear over his snoring). Have you ever fallen asleep with headphones on? or earbuds in? I think my right ear is still a little sore.
Check out Sleep Phones, developed by a doctor, these soft, moisture wicking fleece headbands actually contain ultra thin and removable speakers that can plug into most of your audio devices, leaving others completely undisturbed, and your little ears in cozy comfort.
Sleep Phones, dubbed “pajamas for your ears”, are especially designed with falling asleep in mind. Sleep Phones won’t fall off, allow you to lay on your back or your side and produce some fabulous sound. Perfect for listening to soothing music, relaxation tracks or even meditation or hypnosis tapes. And don’t they say you can actually learn while you’re sleeping? It might just be time to brush the dust off those Spanish language CD’s.
Simply plug the Sleep Phones into your music system, like an MP3, iPod or CD player and relax. If your device has an alarm feature you can use the Sleep Phones for that too… Which is especially useful if you have to get up earlier than your spouse and you’re thoughtful enough to let them sleep in.
Sleep Phones come in a deluxe version that includes volume controls and “play and pause” functions starting at around 55 bucks, and at their website, they have CD’s and accessories all designed to finally get you a good nights sleep.

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