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Sleep Box lets you sleep soundly at the Airport

dzn_Sleepbox-by-Arch-Group-11-thumb-550x513-28144I’ve been on long trips before, but never so long that I have had to sleep at the airport. I know I mentioned this when we covered the Vertical Bed, but there is something very embarrassing about taking a nap in a public place. This is why Russian architects Arch Group designed the Sleep Box. As you can see, it is like a phone booth, but bigger. Oh, there’s no phone in it, either.

However, there is a bed in there, with sheets that are changed with a roller like a conveyor belt. It also has Wi-Fi, an LCD display, and sockets for charging laptops, cell phones, or other mobile devices. There is even a place to stash your carry-ons. Hopefully there is some sort of alarm clock there, because I’ve always had this nightmare about waking up in the middle of an airport and missing my flight.

The plan is for travelers to rent these Sleep Boxes for 15 minutes, or for longer intervals of several hours. I don’t have any word of how much the Sleep Box would charge for this, but since it is in an airport, I can’t imagine that it would be cheap. Perhaps the better question is: “How much would you pay for some good sleep?”

Well, this is still a concept for now, but I could easily see these Sleep Boxes in every airport. If it ever does get implemented, I would be very concerned if I see two people walking into a Sleep Box together. I guess they are trying to join the “Mile Low Club”.