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Slapsee Sunglasses are easy to bring with you

slapseeI am not too sure about you, but when you were a little child, do you remember those wrist bands that are made out of some sort of metal, where you can slap them on your wrist and they curl up, making sure it ends up as a bracelet instead? Well, this particular idea looks to have settled for a new spiritual home, so to speak, in the form of the £19.99 Slapsee Sunglasses. This is an interesting take for sure, as you get a pair of sunglasses – which you can slap around your body part, and chances are the wrist would be the most popular place, although you might even let it settle around your leg if you so desire, and for those who get around on a bicycle, the bicycle’s handlebars would be ideal, too.

The Slapsee Sunglasses are not just meant for fashion, as it also has a very, very practical purpose – that is, it is capable of blocking 100% of UV rays, making sure that your eyes will remain safe and sound from them harmful UV rays throughout the year, regardless of whether it is summer or not. You will have to make a choice between red, pink, blue and black colors, of course. The Slapsee Sunglasses were specially made to be durable, as they come with a special hinged nose-bridge and silicone-coated spring arms that ought to be able to last for a fair number of slaps…and then some. Definitely not your regular pair of sunglasses for sure!