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Slapsee Sunglasses are a blast from the past


Many of us remember Slapsie bracelets, and the endless minutes of entertainment they provided as we approached friends and surprised them with the quick and curly cling of the plastic as we smacked them against wrists, necks, faces, whatever there was to slap.  Well for those of you who like to look see the world through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, have we got a gadget for you, and just in time for summer–SlapSee Glasses.

SlapSee Glasses were created with the trendy millennial in mind, featuring large, fashionable frames that can be worn comfortably as normal sunglasses, but have a fun little twist to them–literally.  Whenever you like, SlapSee Glasses can be removed and folded in half at the nose, where a clever little hinge hides within the bridge, and the earpieces can be slapped and worn around any reasonably-sized cylindrical object your mind can imagine.  Or that you can get your hands on, anyway.

For those of you with sensitive corneas, fear not!  SlapSee has thought of everything.  They also brag 100% UV protection, which makes them more useful than the similarly-shaped, lenseless frames you’re currently wearing, you dirty hipster. Go ahead and pick them up at Firebox for the low price of $31.19.  We know it might be difficult to enter in your credit card info as your hands shake violently with excitement, but don’t worry.  We’re here for you.

Available for purchase on Firebox