Slam Man

Slam Man

In this day and age with all our mod cons and lazy gadgets, it’s hard to keep fit and healthy as we do less exercise than ever. Obesity in England has greatly increased since the mid 1990’s.

Someone, somewhere, realised that something had to be done and thus, the Slam Man was born. I’m sure you recognise him from ITV’s Celebrity Fit club, if not, let me introduce you.

This is a limited edition silver Slam Man. A modern punch bag if you like. He’s a computerised free standing gadget that you punch according to the lights that light up on the top half of his body.

Use this guy to tone the muscles, improve stamina, co-ordination, reflexes and reduce stress. You even get a score, time your workout and can choose from 5 different boxing programs to see how well you have done. Even boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard is impressed with it!

No need to worry about him falling apart, he is made of thick high-density, blow moulding polyethylene plastic so he can stand high impact and all temperature levels. With the Slam Man you will receive an instruction video and a pair of 12 oz professional boxing gloves.

If you want to loose weight, don’t waste your time on a treadmill, soon you will get bored of that and give up. Instead you need to practice on Slam Man to add a purpose to your exhaustion and you can learn new skills at the same time in the privacy of your own home.

Whether you want to learn self defense, hate your boss or want to pretend to punch your ex-boyfriend, the Slam Man will take your punches without punching you back. Surprisingly this gadget is only £259.95 – Not bad if you ask me.

Available from Paramount Zone
, as an alternative you can always Buy a Standing Punching Bag.

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