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This Slalom Skateboard is a less fun skateboard

slalom Skatboard

We are all special snowflakes, and sometimes that fact makes it difficult to feel important from all the other snowflakes. It really is fruitless to compare yourself to other people, because there will never be anyone like you, no matter how similar they may seem. When it comes to products though, there really are special snowflakes, and others just don’t make the cut.

The Freestyle Slalom Skateboard looks like the love child of a unicycle and a skateboard, without the cool factor of either. This an ABS polymer frame which houses both a 20” diameter pneumatic back tire and an enlarged skateboard-style front wheel. The back uses bicycle treads and will keep you rolling forward, while the front wheel swivels for optimal control while turning or racing. It weighs 17 pounds, and uses foot power to move forward, and a handle and putting your foot down to stop.

It can manage riders that weigh up to 165 pounds, which means if you’re just under it’s not a good decision if there’s the slightest chance you’ll gain weight. Priced at $199.95, this is pretty steep for something which took two good ideas and turned them into…this one. I’m sure it can be fun to ride after you get the hang of it, but it looks terribly awkward and likely has to be on even ground at all times. Wipe outs would also be rather unpleasant as this would complicate trying to catch yourself since it’s up between your knees.

Available for purchase on Hammacher