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Slacker Portable Player, Will the Real iPod Killer Please Stand Up!

Slacker Portable Player is the name of a new radio network based on the concept of personal radio, just like or Pandora, but that’s not all. When you use Slacker, all you need to do is enter your preferred style of music, favourite band, and then listen to the songs anywhere you want using the Slacker Portable Player, a gadget that has a 4” screen for displaying album art and artist information, or even in a Slacker Car Kit that receives satellite radio transmissions and stores it so you never need to worry about losing the satellite signal again.

The Slacker player has a lot of potential, and could even be the iPod killer that everyone is waiting for. The player will have 2 GB of flash memory and will connect to any Wi-Fi network to update the songs automatically. Other versions with 4, 8 and 120 GB are also in the plans. If you want to, you can also download a jukebox program and run it on your PC. There are a lot of radio stations to choose from, which you can customize with the attribute sliders. You can also mark your favourite songs with the heart button, and even ban the songs you never want to hear again. The service has a free version, which has some ads in it, and a premium version is going to cost you US$ 7.50 per month.

The company has in its staff such experts as the ex-CEOs of Musicmatch, Rio and iRiver America, so they seem to know exactly what they’re doing.

You can read more about it at The Guardian or at the Slacker site.

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3 thoughts on “Slacker Portable Player, Will the Real iPod Killer Please Stand Up!”

  1. when the one with 120 or even 12- 15 gigs comes out and if it can play video and radio works well itid be a competitor to ipod otherwise lol

  2. I don’t expect this to be an iPod killer, or even a Zune killer. But i really think the Slacker portable is really just touching upon a different segment of the market. I have been using the slacker web player since it’s release in March and have to say if the hardware is upto par with the software then they will have a great combo. Also noted that if they can get the third party support then i think they will have a good following. Slacker also stated that it would not be affected by the recent internet radio royalty price hikes (for now). 10 more days, and we’ll let the reviews come rolling in. Also check out Seems to be a good start to a social backing. I’ll try to post an unboxing and complete review as soon as it arrives.

  3. Ipod Killer? It’s not really in the same field as the ipod, one plays MP3s and the other plays Internet Radio. I think what he wanted to say was “Radio Killer”. Granted you can store your MP3s on the Slacker I doubt anyone that gets it will say it’s better than the Ipod to ANY extent. Though it is an awesome player they are not 1 in the same to be compared.

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