Skype Wi-Fi Phone

Skype Wi-Fi PhoneLiam's Gadget of the Week
This is a very neat little Skype Wi-Fi Phone. It looks just like a cell-phone but allows you to make calls from your Skype account wherever there is an available wireless network!

Probably the coolest thing about it is that it doesn’t require you to have it connect to a computer, just the network. It has all the skype software on it so you can access your account and make calls to your contacts right from the phone and just use the Wi-Fi network as a connection!

It has a full color screen and is very easy to use allowing you to scroll through contacts and check their status. You can also dial numbers with the keypad, and add contacts. It’s basically just like a mobile version of skype.

The software also comes preloaded on the phone so there’s nothing you need to bother installing or downloading. It’s all Skype certified as well so you know it has to be quality.

The network also doesn’t have to be an open-access network. The phone features WEP, WPA and WPA2 with PSK technology so you can connect to your protected network as well!

I think this is a really awesome gadget and if I made a lot of calls over skype I would definitely use this. In some cities that are now starting to offer wide availability Wi-Fi networks this could be even cooler as you could use it just like a cell phone. If you live in North America you could use it to make free calls to other North Americans or if you live elsewhere it’s so cheap to call people you almost feel like you’re stealing the access.

This really cool gadget is available from amazon for $179.99 (a little steep but it’s quite an amazing gadget).

Found via New Launches

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