Skype mouse keeps you connected on the road

Skype Travel Mouse

If you’ve never heard of Skype, I’d be very surprised. It’s a great service for making phone calls over the internet. I generally only use it when making international calls, as my cell phone can pretty much take care of the rest. However, there are some people that actually make most of their calls using the Skype service. This Skype Travel Mouse is perfect for those people.

As you might have guessed from the name, this small mouse doubles as a Skype phone. It simply plugs into an available USB port, and works just like any other ordinary mouse. However, it has a small LCD screen on top which can display caller-ID and a slide-out keypad for dialing.

My only issue with this mouse-phone (phone-mouse?) is that when you’re talking, the cord comes out of the top of the phone. I suppose that if the cord is long enough it won’t be a problem, but being a mobile product usually means having a short cable. If you use Skype a lot while on the go, you can pick this cool mouse for $42.50.

Source: Techfresh