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The Skylock will make cyclists with smartphones very happy


Riding your bike to and fro saves money on gas and gives you a workout in the process. It’s a win-win situation, but once you reach your destination you’ll need to figure out how to secure it so that no one tries to take it for a spin without your knowledge. Using a bike lock can help, but not putting it on the right way, forgetting the keys, or a variety of other issues can happen.

If you wish there was an updated version that doesn’t require you to fiddle with getting keys out, then the Skylock is definitely something you’ll want to look into. This is a solar-powered bike lock that will let you not only control when it locks and unlocks, but can alert you if anyone is trying to steal your bike. While most of the controls happen through your phone, there are capacitive touch buttons that you can open the lock with should you happen to forget or lose your mobile device.

If you don’t even want to deal with getting your phone out, you can always turn on the auto-unlock, which will make it unlock whenever you approach the bike. The solar panels on the lock only need about an hour of sunlight to power itself for a week, so you’ll never have to worry about charging this at any point. If this is in your interests, this will cost you $159 while it is up for pre-order, but if you wait too long it will rocket up to $249.

Available for pre-order on skylock, found via thegeekchurch