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SkyKap – It’s like a caddie in your hat

Let’s face it, to some of us golf is more than just a game. Okay, to some of us, it’s a lot more. Some of us are completely addicted to it. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat around on a Sunday and wondered just how long it was going to take that golf loving husband of mine to come home. Geez.

Maybe the SkyKap Advisor, is just the thing to get him home faster. A hands free, voice activated microcomputer GPS system contained in the brim of a regular golf hat. With some pretty amazing technology, The Advisor provides personal audio responses activated by the golfer’s commands. The Advisor gives the distance to greens, bunkers, water, boundaries and a whole lot more.

First, your completely devoted and unselfish spouse (who just happens to play golf every single weekend) searches and downloads course information by hooking their hat to the PC using the supplied USB cable. Incidentally, if your beloved’s course is not mapped, the hat will actually record green distances to be shared with other um, lovely golfers.

I for one refuse to buy anything that encourages  any more golfing, but maybe this thing would make the game a little quicker. Then again if he played better, he would just play more. I cant win can I? Available from for around $300.00.


2 thoughts on “SkyKap – It’s like a caddie in your hat”

  1. The cost seems high for ordnary golfers and I didn’t see any body using this hat. Professional golfer doesn’t need this. There are great iPhone apps which are much much cheaper than this hat. There is a bluetooth device added on iPhone app, which does same thing what this hat does, plus many many more features. I don’t think people would like to carry heavy device while playing.

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