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Skybuds wireless earbuds are ready to rock and roll

skybudsWe all love our music. After all, music does get the body moving, not to mention it is a way to recover emotionally and mentally with the right kind of tunes. Just step into any spa, and the soothing background music would then do its job of bringing you to another place mentally, as you lose yourself in the massage and environment. Having said that, some of us are unable to live without any music, regardless of where we go or travel. That means getting a good pair of earphones or earbuds, and with so many different choices that are available on the market, just which particular model should you settle for? If you haven’t yet parted ways with your money, then the Skybuds wireless earbuds might be worth checking out.

These are touted to be “true” wireless earbuds, where they were also picked out to be part of the Wearables 2016 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. Thanks to Alpha Audiotronics, Inc., the Skybuds claim to offer a truly wire-free solution with premium sound quality as well as reliable connectivity, hoping to transform the way users experience sound.

Skybuds make use of Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology, which are more often than not, seen in action in hearing aids. With NFMI technology, it should be able to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality sound in the headphone industry. Accompanying the NFMI technology would see each earbud make use of a top-of-the-line, balanced armature driver and psychoacoustic features, including base enhancement, so that a premium audio experience can be created. These earbuds have been specially designed in such a manner that they boast of Passive Noise Cancellation, which will suppress unwanted and distracting external audio.

The Skybuds will juice up and can be stored in a light, portable case known as the Skydock, which conveniently delivers up to another 24 hours of on-the-go charging time. Apart from superior sound quality, each Skybud will be fitted with an omnidirectional microphone, and have been ergonomically designed to comfortably sit in users’ ears.

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