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Skybuds wireless earbuds debuts in Best Buy

skybudsRemember the Skybuds that we talked about earlier this year during summer? Well, it looks like this pair of wireless earbuds is now available, ready to rock and roll over at Best Buy nationwide. The Skybuds are special, in the sense that these are touted truly let you live the untethered life, where it boasts of best-in-class battery life, strongest connectivity and has been designed for an immersive audio experience.

Alpha Audiotronics are the ones behind the Skybuds, where it will boast of seamless Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) connectivity in order to deliver premium audio quality for audiophiles and casual listeners alike. The Skybuds have been specially designed to fit just about any lifestyle, and you can also opt to pick up a pair online at

Availalbe in charcoal and nimbus colors, the Skybuds are good to last for up to four hours of on-the-go listening, and you will be able to eke out an additional 24 hours of battery life thanks to the sleek and portable Skydock charging case. The Skybuds will hook up to your portable music playback devices via Bluetooth, and these happen to be one of the pioneers in using NFMI within the earbuds. In other words, you should not be able to find a stronger or more reliable connection on the market, anywhere — at least for the moment. Other earbuds do suffer from disjointed connectivity, but the technology used within Skybuds ensures that the two earbuds are connected seamlessly, resulting in a flawless and uninterrupted audio experience. Not only that, Skybuds will play nice with any Bluetooth enabled device regardless of the operating system.

Other features of the Skybuds will include a digital microphone for phone calls as well as on-device button controls which can be used to manipulate audio listening and calls. Each $249.99 purchase comes with three sets of fit tips, a single USB charging cable and a Skydock that will juice up and store the earbuds.

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