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This Sky Walker – why walk when you can glide?

Skywalker USA

We’re all trying to cut down on our time to and from different locations, and there are complications with every choice. Driving means you have to find an available parking space that doesn’t cost much, biking means you have to lock it up tight or risk it being stolen, and walking can be terrifying if you’re running late, or have a rainy day. If you just want to have some help making a short jaunt to work, but need to show up fresh as a morning flower, then something powered by electric that moves you with little effort could be a good choice.

If you don’t want to ride an electric bike or skateboard, there’s always the Sky Walker. This is a two-wheeled personal motorized tranport that can take you over ten miles on one full charge. They weigh 18 pounds, which will only be mildly annoying to tote around if you have to walk up steps. The weight limit is at 300, and it can go up to 10 miles an hour if it’s not over-encumbered and fully charged.

To use this you will need to keep up with charging it, which only takes around 2-3 hours. Thanks to lights on the front and back, others will have some warning as to which direction you’re going. There is a remote to lock and unlock it so no one can just walk up and off with it. This is a bit of a money sink at $850+, but if it’s a 10 minute drive that has horrible parking options, no bike racks, and is an unpleasant walk everyday, it would be worth it. The only trouble would be getting used to riding it and finding out whether or not you can only be on even ground or not.

Available for purchase on skywalkerusa

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  1. The exact same self-balancing scooter is available under many other names for less than $400. Prospective buyers should check out Amazon or Ali Baba… Unfortunately, here in NYC, these gadgets have also caught the eyes of street thieves, so until they become cheaper and more ubiquitous, buyers may want to be cautious…

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