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Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds revealed

We all need a little bit of music in order to boost our day or perhaps even enhance our performance in terms of work or sports, and a pair of wired headphones is often the most common recourse that a listener resorts to. However, a decent pair of wireless earbuds that stays in place no matter how active you are is the far more convenient solution, as there is no tangled mess to contend with, and neither do you need to look dated. The Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds might be worth considering for those who are in the market for such a device, as it delivers an untethered audio experience in a bold design and sleek fit.

It might be small in size, but Skullcandy promises a big sized performance. The unique design of the Skullcandy Push will eliminate signal loss as well as offer easy control for the earbuds with a single touch. The user interface itself is simple enough for anyone to pick up, thanks to a low learning curve, and one will gain instant access to a full suite of media control options such as call, track, and volume control. In fact, the Skullcandy Push is even able to let the wearer activate the smartphone’s native assistant with a single push of a button and on top of that these are headphones with a microphone.

In terms of longevity, the Skullcandy Push’s battery is capable of going on for 12 hours straight on a full charge. This can be broken down into half a dozen hours from the earbuds alone, while the remaining six hours would be through the intelligent charging case. Featuring Skullcandy’s FitFin Ear Gels, you will be assured of a secure and comfortable fit all day long, ensuring that the earbuds remain in place no matter how active you might be. Skullcandy is so confident of their product, that the Push will be accompanied by a Fearless Use Promise that enables users to easily repurchase an earbud or charging case at a discounted price should there be a situation that involves loss or theft. Expect the Skullcandy Push to retail for $129.99 per set.

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