Skullcandy introduces Women’s headphones and earbuds collection


When it comes to running headphones and earphones, this particular industry seems to settle comfortably into a unisex mindset, ranging from its fit to acoustics and design. Well, Skullcandy, ever the innovator, intends to turn things on its head by introducing a range of products that will feature reimagined acoustics, engineering, and industrial design. We are talking about the extremely functional yet relentlessly forward Skullcandy Women’s collection that was specially developed via careful thought and extensive research, having drawn inspiration from within Skullcandy’s very own team of Olympic and Athlete Ambassadors, where among them include the talented pro-snowboarder Kimmy Fasani and pro-surfer Leila Hurst. This particular collection would be a representation of youth, passion, strength, and singularity of the female consumer market.

Michelle Whitehead, Skullcandy’s Director of Brand and Sports Marketing shared, “The truth is there are real anatomical, acoustical, and behavioral differences in how male and female consumers experience our product. Our goal was to understand these differences well enough to design products, from the ground up, that would legitimately improve the audio experience for our female consumer. We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

All three products, the Knockout, Bombshell, and Dime, did include acoustics, comfort, materialization, fit, and even hygiene during the development process. Apart from that, the collection’s audio drivers have also been custom-tuned to reflect field research that supports the fact that both women and men hear differently (no doubt about that!), as Skullcandy engineers worked round the clock in order to come up with what they deem is the perfect headband fit for the ladies, in addition to earbud size and shape. The only thing we are missing is a microphone, as earbuds with mic are incredibly handy.

Fine tuned and specially engineered for women, this range will be further complimented by premium fabrics and materialization. There are floral prints, rose gold finishes, and subtle stud embellishments which happen to be bold fashion-forward aesthetics that will add a dash of feminine edge to the predominantly unisex category, functioning as a mirror to what female consumers and their unique styles and perspectives carry. Expect Skullcandy Women’s to have launched in the U.S. already, where it will cost anywhere from $29.99 to $99.99, depending on the model that you choose.