Skullcandy Decibel Collection launched

skullcandy-decibelAre you one of those who love their music so much, that having the right kind of earphones/headphones matter a whole lot? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Skullcandy Decibel Collection has just been launched. This new range of high performance headphones will only be available in a limited quantity at core, independent retail shops, enabling die-hard fans of the brand to choose headphones that exhibit their own individual style while enjoying a unique and consistent product design specialized for their specific needs.

The Decibel (dB) range will consist of half a dozen Collections, where each of them will come with a distinctive design engineered into each in-ear, on-ear and over-ear styles. Rest assured that Skullcandy has not skimped on build quality, where the db family will feature high-quality materials, in-line volume and microphone controls and durable water transfer prints which literally explode with color in order to deliver an eclectic personal style that even even the most critical headphone connoisseur will appreciate. After all, Skullcandy has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to newest and freshest color ways and styles. We are pleased to report that the dB collections will be refreshed seasonally in order to bring the most innovative and trend-setting styles to the core consumer regardless of when you purchase your own pair.

According to Skullcandy’s Dan Levine, “dB is a unique way to reach our primary audience. By making a small, core line of products that focus on this group’s passion for both action sports and music, we feel Decibel is exactly what the core Skullcandy consumer is looking for. We felt like our core customer deserves to pick up a pair of headphones that truly emulate their unique personality, while simultaneously being strategically distributed so that they do not become oversaturated in the marketplace. The dB collection offers this perfect juxtaposition to deeply satisfy this very important consumer sector.”

Press Release